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Reminder that the last Sunday of each month will be free sailing so come along and enjoy a relaxed sail

Wednesday evening series has now finished for 2018

Sunday 11th November

Only one race was held this Sunday but because of the brisk winds and gusts there was plenty of sailing even if racing wasn’t foremost in the minds of the sailors. The one race that did happen wouldn’t have been able to take place if David and Ken hadn’t stepped in to do the Officer of the Day and assistant role. There is always a need for volunteers so if you have some spare time and an interest in sailing come and help with anything from helping with rigging a boat (holding things!), launching, crewing etc. Even if it is only making tea for the sailors all help is appreciated.

On to the race in gusty winds, Tricia Wood sailed brilliantly in difficult conditions handling a comet with great skill. Ralph Evans looked comfortable in the conditions until a gust caused him to lose time to fall into second place. A couple of boats retired and remarkably there was only one capsize when Simon Newman went over but he managed to right his boat without any assistance and managed a creditable third place.

Just goes to show that newer sailors can compete with their more experienced rivals as shown by the results this week.

Arden Sailing Club meets on Sundays and Wednesday Evenings in the summer, new potential members are always welcome to come along and meet us. Club boats and experienced sailors are at hand if you want to give it a go.

Fun sailing on the river

Arden Sailing Club is a thriving club which has enjoyed many years of fun on the river Avon at Defford, near Pershore. There is organised dinghy racing on Wednesday evenings and Sundays during the summer along with many social events throughout the year. The club is an RYA approved training centre. We have a small fleet of club boats available and give friendly advice to new members encouraging them to take to the water in the improvers or full race programme or, of course, just for fun.


Sunday 18th November 2018

Autumn Series 3 Race - 1330 


Come along and have a bimble

New Request to Officers of the Day for 2018.
This year to try and keep track of each race series as we go a long and so that everyone can see how they are doing I will provide a printed sheet for each series that will be placed on the board in the starters hut. I would ask that the OOD on the day fills in the results on the sheet. In the case of the Pursuit and Handicap series the sheet will also act as the record of the revised handicaps for the next leg of the series.
Ralph Evans - Sailing Secretary

Could I also request that you email me a picture of the race result scoresheet and write a one paragraph summary of racing with two pictures so that I can publish it on the website.
Steve Ryder

Arden Sailing Club 
Bourne Road

To find us:
Go through the Revill’s Farm Shop car park and follow the dirt track to the right of the main building

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Interview with Keith Stevens for the Worcester News
The Open Day mentioned in the video (17th June) is not relevant this year but check out the date of this years Open Day in the Sailing Programme tab above


Keith Stevens

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